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Overcome Addiction. Get Support Today

Our specialists are standing by for you.

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Alignment Home Health

Where can you turn for support when facing addiction?
– Are you afraid for yourself or a loved one?
– Have you tried treatment and relapsed?

Alignment Home Health fills the treatment gap. You can turn to us for a complete support system. Providing the highest quality, most innovative approach to our clients, Alignment addresses individual addiction and mental health needs in the context of returning to life at home.

Specializing in dual diagnosis and substance use disorders, we offer a clinical treatment team with dedicated In-Home Support Specialists to manage each client’s recovery.

Why provide recovery support at home? Isn’t residential treatment enough?

Alignment was created out of the need to offer continuing structure, support and care where it is often overlooked. Alignment addresses the “Treatment Gap” post-discharge and can provide the answer for those who have not had success with multiple treatment attempts. We understand that achieving and maintaining sobriety in everyday life can pose many challenges and our team strives to support you on that journey.

An Individualized Recovery Home Health Solution

Alignment Home Health minimizes the worry and doubt that can accompany the transition from a structured rehabilitative environment back to everyday life. If you or your loved one are located in the Southern California area, Alignment will bring proven and effective recovery solutions to the context where you need them, your home, so that recovery is consistent and lasting.

Comprehensive, Client-Specific Programming

With Alignment Home Health, the client’s needs are the focal point with each session. Our treatment plans are comprised of a thorough initial assessment with a registered nurse who collaborates with psychiatric and psychological professionals designated to the client’s care team. With regular sessions from a psychiatrist, nurse and therapist, a client’s physical and mental needs are met and addressed appropriately.