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Alignment Home Health minimizes the worry and doubt that can accompany the transition from a structured rehabilitative environment back to everyday life. If you or your loved one are located in the Southern California area, Alignment will bring proven and effective recovery solutions to the context where you need them, your home, so that recovery is consistent and lasting.

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 Our Professional team of therapists and drug counselors come to you where you live. We are available around your busy life schedule. With Alignment Home Health you get true individual and 1-on-1 care. The best part is are service costs less than a sober living bed.


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We bring licensed addiction treatment to your home.

Addiction has been acknowledged as a chronic disease in the medical community for many years.  Doctors are now being urged to begin treating addiction like they treat diabetes, hypertension and asthma. This means it is probable that the luxury treatment environments of the present will become a thing of the past.  Doctors prescribing medicines for addiction are seeing comparable results to rehab centers at a fraction of the cost. These Doctors are in need of therapeutic supportive services for their patients and addiction home care provides that need.  Alignment Home Health is poised to become a leader in an emerging sector of the drug and alcohol treatment industry. Similar to the senior care model, when someone is able to remain in their home to undergo treatments it is the standard practice. This effective model can be moved to addiction treatment and become standard practice.

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