From the calls and emails we receive from people needing help there are two factors that are most challenging for families to overcome. They are the cost of quality substance abuse treatment and the availability to admit to an affordable facility.

Three out of five people who are seeking help to get off drugs or stop drinking hit an immediate roadblock when they are ready to get treatment. This obstacle is the funding needed to attend rehab.

The reason this is so common is that most addicts are very low functioning by the time they are ready to get help. They often are unemployed and have burned bridges with family members who at one point in time would have supported their medical needs.

So what does someone who can’t afford to get into drug treatment do? Their are still many options in this situation. Options are on an individual basis but often include:

  • Obtaining insurance coverage
  • Applying for a treatment loan
  • Getting a scholarship
  • Getting clean at your own home
  • Applying to a wait list for a state-run facility
  • Admitting to a drug court program

These are some of the items we look at when we assess someone seeking treatment. Every person has their own unique situation and obstacles to overcome.

The second most common issue is that people say that the facilities that take their insurance are full and they can’t cant get in for months. This may be true but often these facilities need to see some willingness or have referrals outside of the local proximity that would be viable options. Being persistent goes a long way when searching for facilities.

Lastly, if an addict has yet to hit rock bottom or is using excuses such as work, family or school to evade getting help then there are solutions for those.

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Overcoming Barriers to Access Drug Treatment
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