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Our Mission

Alignment Home Health strives to provide quality and cost effective home based addiction treatment and transitioning services to the families and communities it serves.

Our Addiction Professionals

Alignment’s client service team is comprised of professionals in the clinical care and in recovery support. Every member of our team is skilled, licensed or credentialed in his or her area of expertise. When you choose Alignment, you have chosen the highest quality of care available within the behavioral health and addictions fields. Your team will include a licensed therapist and certified home support specialist who is both dedicated to taking this journey with you. We collaborate with your current professionals, such as psychiatrists and primary care doctors to provide total continuity of care. Alignment’s founders and staff are passionate about helping people who want to recover and our team is ready to bring the full complement of services to your door to make lasting recovery possible.

We can make a Difference

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Our Goal

Alignment Home Health has one goal: lasting recovery for each and every client. We aim to support clients to manage chronic mental health and addiction struggles in the safety of the home.

Who could benefit from Alignment’s program of support? Sometimes a client may be discharging from treatment or sober living but need the continued accountability and professional support we offer while reorienting to everyday life. Occasionally, a client may have professional or family restrictions, which mean they cannot be admitted to a structured in-patient environment. Whatever the situation, if you or someone you know is at risk of relapse, having difficulty returning to a home living situation, or slipping into old behaviors, Alignment can help.