Eamon O’Hara
Chief Executive Officer

Eamon O’Hara comes from a substance abuse treatment background. Having gotten sober in a residential facility in his early 20’s, he began his journey of sobriety, which continues each day, over ten years later. With one year of sobriety, Eamon worked his way up from facility maintenance at a residential treatment center to become the company’s Director of Operations and co-founder of two other facilities. Eamon has worked with thousands of people on the journey to getting clean and sober, which brings not only expertise, but personal dedication to the founding of Alignment Home Health.

“Family members and friends would contact me consistently for advice on how to help their loved ones. Often this was after multiple relapses or poor experiences and they did not know where to turn next. It has been clear to me from the start that what is missing in addiction treatment is a focus on remaining sober while at home. Using a home health model to support the transition from residential treatment back to the home environment makes lasting recovery a real possibility. What we have created is very innovative. We have identified the high risk and relapse environments for addicts and provide a supportive team to overcome their triggers and barriers within that environment creating lasting recovery. Chronic relapse can be minimized with the proper support and care. Helping addicts and their families heal is my passion.”

Nina O’Hara
Founding Partner

Christina (Nina) O’Hara founded Alignment Home Health with Eamon after the two met and married. Nina grew up in a family with no apparent signs of addiction. At twenty, she began a successful fifteen-year career in modeling, where she was often struck by how many people in the industry were functioning addicts and alcoholics. Eventually she became one of those functioning addicts and reached out for help right before it was too late. Nina’s sobriety began after going to a residential treatment facility and attending 12-step meetings in September 2005. Her passion for sobriety, and seeing what a sober life could offer, led her to seeking out a more meaningful career in treatment. “Getting clean and sober was the best and most incredibly wonderful thing that I have ever experienced. The first year of sobriety especially is such a sacred time because you truly learn things about yourself you’ve never known. I learned to breath deeper and love deeper, and most importantly, to start with myself. I live a very full and happy life and I laugh a lot. I really enjoy the adventure of it all – while living with integrity. I want to share the experience of recovery with others and help them see a better way to live drug and alcohol-free.”

Melissa Paredes, B.S., CPA
Director of Finance and Human Resources

Melissa Paredes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California. With over 30 years of finance and accounting experience; she has held the role of controller across a wide spectrum of public, private and not-for-profit companies. During the past ten years, Melissa has worked with large hospital systems and understands the impact of addiction on public health. “I came to work at Alignment Home Health because of the mission to help others. When we first met, I saw something in Eamon’s vision and passion for real recovery that resonated with me. I believe that Alignment Home Health and the team we are building can offer a service that will meaningfully improve people’s lives.”

Lissa Khema Merkel, LCSW, LAADC

Lissa has spent her entire career in the field of addiction and recovery, working first in outpatient treatment centers and now in the setting of home health.
“I chose to join Alignment Home Health because I believe strongly in our vision for revolutionizing the way addiction treatment is offered. I can see the transition support model working in the daily lives of our clients and enjoy offering therapy in the home setting.” As a licensed clinical social worker and addiction recovery therapist, Lissa assists clients to reconnect to themselves, their peers, and society. “Addiction is a disease of isolation but with Alignment it doesn’t have to be.”

Sonia Estrada, M.A., MFTI Home Support Specialist

Sonia Estrada comes to Alignment Home Health having worked for several years in the mental health field in the Conejo Valley. With a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from California Lutheran University, she is qualified as a Marriage and Family Therapy Therapist intern. Joining Alignment, she is excited to be a part of this innovative company, which is the first of its kind on the West coast. “I see this unique model as a game-changer in the substance abuse and recovery field. With effective and lasting transition support from residential treatment to the home environment, addicts can experience lasting and meaningful recovery and essentially build new lives.”

Brandon Morrison, B.A. RADT-T

Working with the Mental Health Association of Orange County, Brandon Morrison learned firsthand about the benefits of a treatment team and how it can impact an individual’s goals and overall wellbeing. Direct experience in treating those suffering addiction as a substance abuse counselor has contributed to his dissertation-research. “Joining Alignment was a natural fit. Meeting and treating each individual–and hearing the stories that come with addiction– signaled a fast match for me between my interests in psychology and its applications to serve others. This work is important and we need science, compassion, and motivation to change our lives for the better. All this is possible with comprehensive support for recovery.” Brandon holds credentials as a drug and alcohol counselor, Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology & Social Behavior and Social Ecology and is a candidate for Doctor of Psychology at California Lutheran University.